Portfolio: Miscellaneous

  • Portland Streetcar Eastside Loop Visualizations

    Portland Streetcar Eastside Loop Route Visualizations

    The Portland Streetcar Loop is among the first modern streetcar expansion projects to receive major federal funding.

    Years of planning and community outreach efforts were capped off with 3D videos, produced by CONVEY: using Google Earth Pro and building shape data gathered from the City of Portland.

    These videos, accessible on the web and presented at public meetings using laptops and projectors, enabled the public to visualize the proposed route in a manner much more compelling than mere lines on a map or engineering drawings.

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  • Aavelin User Manual

    Aavelin Digital Signage System User Manual

    The Aavelin Digital Signage system by MagicBox encompasses multiple pieces of software (client and server), a variety of user experiences, and unique turnkey hardware.

    The Aavelin manual was created to both introduce new users to the system and provide experienced users with a basic reference. The manual features full-color on most pages including extensive usage of screen shots.

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