Portfolio: Video Production

  • Career Profile - Joel West

    Career Profile - Joel West

    Model Joel west has had a far-ranging, eclectic career. Form super-stardom with Calvin Klein in the 90's, to TV hosting, art and sculpture. Joel's new agency in New York contracted with CONVEY: to create a promotional career profile for Joel, who now lives in Portland, OR.

    Produced for Hello Models NYC and Town Model Management.

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  • National Shoe Brand Videos

    Fashion Marketing - National Shoe Brands

    Produced for the parent company representing two national shoe brands, CONVEY: shot and edited two videos showcasing the Fall 2015 collection in Portland, Oregon, as well as two fun "behind-the-scenes" videos.

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  • Documentary - "Concept to Reality - The Making of the Modern Streetcar"

    Documentary - "Concept to Reality - The Making of the Modern Streetcar"

    This video recounts the development of the first modern streetcar system to be developed in the United States in the late 20th century, from its conception, through its construction and expansion, to the multi-line system that exists today at the time of its 15th anniversary of operation. In addition to coordinating, filming, and editing, CONVEY: also produced Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs for distribution.

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  • Business Showcase - OnStage Home Staging

    Business Showcase - OnStage Home Staging

    OnStage is one of the largest, fastest-growing home staging companies in the Northwest.

    CONVEY: produced this video to introduce new customers to the home staging process, the benefits of home staging, and the options available from OnStage. The video features a combination of testimonial interviews, in-studio motion control sequences, time-lapse photography, and animation of client-supplied still photos.

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  • Arabella Salon - AOL Stylelist - "Hot in My Salon"

    Arabella Salon - AOL Stylelist - "Hot in My Salon"

    Produced for AOL Stylelist / StudioNow, featuring Arabella Salon in Portland, Oregon. Starring Deanna Reed, stylist with Aarabella Salon. "Hot in My Salon" is a nationwide series of web videos produced in dozens of salons. CONVEY: produced the Arabella video in Portland for StudioNow (now a subsidiary of AOL) and is proud that the video was selected among the "top 10" for the launch of the series, including heavy promotion in NYC.

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  • "When I Ride" - Transportation Safety Video

    Transportation Safety Video - "When I Ride"

    This widely-distributed safety video was produced in cooperation with a variety of public agencies, including Portland Streetcar, Inc.. the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation, as well as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Created to reach out to all modes of ground transportation - cars, bikes, pedestrians, public transit - this video features extensive use of 3D animations to illustrate key points, as part of a joint production effort with Cupola Media. The video has been featured in many news articles, the Portland Streetcar homepage, and community forums such as Bike Portland.

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  • Gateway Sports Medicine Video Tour

    Gateway Sports Medicine Video Tour

    This video introduces customers to the range of services offered at Gateway Sports Medicine & Milwaukie Injury Rehabilitation, including Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Therapeutic Massage, and Acupuncture. The video familiarizes viewers with the New Patient Orientation process, in a friendly and informative manner.

    Produced at the client's main location, CONVEY: produced the video in a manner which was minimally disruptive to customers and staff. The script was developed in close consultation with the client to cover key points. The all-HD production is suitable for distribution online, via DVD, and for display on event digital signage.

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  • Dump the Pump Videos

    "Dump the Pump" Videos

    Award Winner

    This series of videos, to promote walking, biking, and transit, was produced for the 2009 "Dump the Pump" competition held by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). The video tilted "Romance" won first prize in the nationwide competition. Shot on multiple locations with accomplished actors, the videos were produced entirely in high-definition with live, location-based sound for dialog. The videos are augmented with custom 3D character animation produced for CONVEY: by Jeff Norombaba.

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  • Campus Bookstore - TV Spot

    TV Spot - Campus Bookstore

    Campus Bookstore, a new downtown business serving the students of Portland State University, needed an affordable television commercial to broadcast in the Portland, Oregon market. The 30-second spot showcasing the business, its customers and employees, was produced in HD and formatted for both widescreen and standard def presentations, and digitally transmitted to the ad agency servers for distribution.

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  • Live Event: Mobile Musicfest

    Live Event: Mobile Musicfest Videos

    The Mobile Musicfest features multiple local bands on multiple streetcars, traveling and entertaining simultaneously around central Portland. To capture this event, CONVEY: organized two crews, each consisting of three cameras and a dedicated audio specialist. The crews moved from vehicle to vehicle, providing overlapping coverage of all bands, complete with spontaneous audience reactions, interviews, and B-Roll footage. A 7-minute compilation film was made to show at a festival in Washington, DC., while nine individual performance videos featuring one or two songs from each band were distributed. Other production elements include time-lapse photography, custom animated titles, and cinema-style credit roll.

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  • Citizen Smith Campaign Videos

    Citizen Smith Campaign Videos1

    We produced five videos for the Citizen Smith campaign, including these three in the "Conversations with Chris" series.

    Originally shot in full HD resolution for future-proof redistribution, the videos were promoted on the campaign web site, on YouTube, and via local newspaper web sites. Featuring entirely original videography (no stock photos), a wide variety of shooting locations were selected to highlight the candidate's message.

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  • Zentainment - Portland Eco-Life Promo

    Zentainment "Portland Eco-Life" Promo

    Zentainment, an established producer of programs about green technology and sustainability in L.A. and Portland, commissioned this short promotion to pilot an "Eco Living" program featuring green-tech companies in Portland, Oregon. An original musical score was composed and recorded for this production.

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  • Confluence Video

    "Confluence" Video

    This exercise in nature/meditation videos was filmed on location at Wahclella falls in the Oregon Columbia River Gorge. Original music provides the framework for the progression of images depicting the confluence of spring-fed streams into a 350ft cascading waterfall.

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  • 1 The Citizen Smith projects listed here were produced on a volunteer basis by the principal of CONVEY: and not as a paid project contracted by the campaign. The projects are displayed solely to showcase our creative capabilities and do not imply a direct company relationship with the campaign.