Portfolio: Web Design

  • Portland Streetcar, Inc. Web Site

    Public Agency Web Site: Portland Streetcar, Inc.

    The Portland Streetcar is an important and nationally-recognized piece of Portland's public transit infrastructure. The non-profit Portland Streetcar, Inc., operates the streetcar line, and provides schedule and organization information to riders via its web site.

    CONVEY: recently revamped PSI's web site with a clean, streamlined, easy to navigate design. An open-source content management system was installed to allow streetcar staff to log in from anywhere to update content and post public documents, construction updates, and meeting minutes. The addition of online annual pass and ticket book sales using PayPal allows transit customers to shop from home and saves staff time for the agency.

    The site also integrates real-time streetcar arrival information and an interactive route map provided by NextBus.

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  • Citizen Smith Web Site

    Campaign Web Site: Citizen Smith1

    The 2008 Chris Smith for Portland City Council campaign required a diverse web site with articles, press releases, video clips, and forms where volunteers could sign up, supporters could comment, and campaign staff could organize data. Utilizing an open-source platform, the web site promoted the campaign's themes of openness and accountability. Close attention was paid to local and state campaign finance and disclosure laws. With the campaign now over, an online archive has been preserved for reference and demonstration purposes.

  • Gateway Sports Medicine and Milwaukie Injury Rehabilitation Web Site

    Health Web Site: Gateway Sports Medicine

    The Gateway Sports Medicine and Milwaukie Injury Rehabilitation site promotes the physical therapy and natural medicine services offered, and provides detailed staff biographies, insurance policies, and disclosure forms. Interactive Google Maps provide driving and transit directions to both company offices. Patients may sign up for an e-newsletter, powered by Constant Contact, and a new testimonials page details cheerful recommendations of the clinic.

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  • Laser Belt-Tech Web Site

    Product Web Site: Laser Belt-Tech

    The Laser Belt-Tech is an innovative industrial vibration abatement tool. We designed a site for the manufacturer which is clean and straightforward, featuring original studio product photography and product descriptions.

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  • 1 The Citizen Smith projects listed here were produced on a volunteer basis by the principal of CONVEY: and not as a paid project contracted by the campaign. The projects are displayed solely to showcase our creative capabilities and do not imply a direct company relationship with the campaign.